Friday, 27 November 2009

most hunts fail

I was out in town, everyone else massively lost at this point, and probably gone home, so I flagged down a taxi. My money spent on drinks, I tell him I have some at home.
You got a cash card? He asks.
Why yes, I say.
So get some out, he says.

We stop in Levenshulme for me to get cash. I get out all cool, like I actually have something in my bank account, but then I just fucking run.

I’m lost in this barbaric maze estate having run away after doing something bad; a feeling which is all too familiar. I’m at the age where most people have stopped doing this, or made it their career.

I make it back to the A6 and figure I could just do this again, all the way home, and be alright. So I’m flagging down taxis, then anyone, and eventually this guy stops.

We’re driving, I’m hitchhiking I guess, and he starts rubbing my leg.
He says how would you feel if I started sucking your dick?
I say, Well I’m not gay.
Me neither, he says.
I just like feeling men go hard in my hand.

I like giving pleasure, he tells me. I felt bad, because he was 40 something, obviously lonely, and he’d worked at the set up and he offered me a blowjob and probably thought I’d be like Yeah! But I was like Nah; I’m ok, so I asked if he did this a lot, driving up and down to pick people up. Then I asked if he’d heard of the internet because there’s probably websites he could do stuff like this.

Actually I feel quite uncomfortable now, I’ll just get out up here, I said.
No, look, I’m sorry, he says, I didn’t mean to freak you out. Where do you live? I’ll give you a lift.

I was maybe four miles from home; I was staying with a friend, so he dropped me off.
It was about 6:30am.


sergelapelle said...

Maybe we need to show you some more movies about hitchhikers and prostitues being murdered by people before we allow you back out into society again

Alun said...

Zowns. I'm obviously a total recluse, because I've never been propositioned by a man whose bedroom I wasn't already inside.

Alun said...
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