Friday, 27 November 2009

real time action painting

Holy SHIT people. This thing rules.

It's an online program where you basically use MS Paint simultaneously with other people.

It's absolute carnage and I have seen exactly nothing good produced on there, but it's somehow so much fun. What the hell.

most hunts fail

I was out in town, everyone else massively lost at this point, and probably gone home, so I flagged down a taxi. My money spent on drinks, I tell him I have some at home.
You got a cash card? He asks.
Why yes, I say.
So get some out, he says.

We stop in Levenshulme for me to get cash. I get out all cool, like I actually have something in my bank account, but then I just fucking run.

I’m lost in this barbaric maze estate having run away after doing something bad; a feeling which is all too familiar. I’m at the age where most people have stopped doing this, or made it their career.

I make it back to the A6 and figure I could just do this again, all the way home, and be alright. So I’m flagging down taxis, then anyone, and eventually this guy stops.

We’re driving, I’m hitchhiking I guess, and he starts rubbing my leg.
He says how would you feel if I started sucking your dick?
I say, Well I’m not gay.
Me neither, he says.
I just like feeling men go hard in my hand.

I like giving pleasure, he tells me. I felt bad, because he was 40 something, obviously lonely, and he’d worked at the set up and he offered me a blowjob and probably thought I’d be like Yeah! But I was like Nah; I’m ok, so I asked if he did this a lot, driving up and down to pick people up. Then I asked if he’d heard of the internet because there’s probably websites he could do stuff like this.

Actually I feel quite uncomfortable now, I’ll just get out up here, I said.
No, look, I’m sorry, he says, I didn’t mean to freak you out. Where do you live? I’ll give you a lift.

I was maybe four miles from home; I was staying with a friend, so he dropped me off.
It was about 6:30am.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mel Blanc

Snow White as I have written it

Normally such stories involve alcohol but this time the girl was sober when she found herself with seven dudes in the woods.
She’d stumbled on some kind of commune; the other residents unwelcoming initially them each having Pasts. But she took to this, seeking her own clean slate, and became resident maid and cook and was accepted by the other seven, since they had issues with even basic hygiene living as they did in the woods and, because they were dwarves, spending all day down the mines which dwarves have done since Tolkien invented them with such force they became real and we now have dwarves in real life.

The dwarves left their problems at the cave mouth, but the girl’s mouth was getting her into trouble. A psychotic witch sought her out, disguised as an old woman selling apples. Typically one of these apples was poisoned, a practice which has become common place today. The girl bit the poisoned apple and fell into a magical coma. The witch was then chased over a cliff by local wildlife in a freak circumstance. She survived the fall only to be mauled to death by a mountain lion.

The dwarves find the girl, decide she is dead and put her in a tomb. A day later a young man who enters tombs looking specifically for recently perished girls thinks jackpot and, getting started, plants a kiss on her lips which magically revives her. He thinks rumbled! But it turns out he’s a prince; marries the girl and runs the kingdom into the ground.

So I haven't stopped making images

Yeah. I know you're all wondering. All of you being me, and only me. I've been trying to make images based on things I've been doing, or watching, or reading. So here is an image I made based on a TV show about the overfishing of fish, particularly from around the British Isles.

I could probably do more with it, since I don't have anything on there about the volume of fish being harvested. But whatever.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I love stuff like this. A retrospective of coca cola bottles. HOORAY.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Possibly old school rotoscoping.

Assuming I'm right in thinking rotoscoping is basically when you trace another video, then this may be some old rotoscoping. Plus it's a totally boppin' tune.

Monday, 2 November 2009

"Green graffiti"

This is sort of nice/interesting/kitsch/etc but enough of this "in this spore borne air" shit. I don't know, there's probably all kinds of meaning behind it and the lettering is really nice BUT GOD the DRAMA THE DRAMA