Sunday, 13 September 2009

a piece and a poem

On the phone with Rose a while ago I mentioned this idea I'd had about when I got my camera stolen in New York and how it had made me feel somehow very connected to the place. I tried to make an image about it, as she suggested. It was shit.

Then I went to this meeting about a new magazine featuring poetry and illustration, the idea being writers and illustrators will work together directly to create "pieces" (quite how these will manifest themselves is still uncertain). I revisited the piece in order to send it off to some of the writers I met there, to get us started, more or less. Here is the image.

I have also written a poem which won't be featured in the magazine or mentioned by me again. Here is the poem:

Gmail, the shittest thing on the internet.

Gmail, send my fucking emails
you whore.


carrie-anne said...

roland, i love you

Roland said...

Everyone does, big guy. I'm just loveable.

carrie-anne said...

big guy?