Wednesday, 6 May 2009

guest lecture: Fake I.D.

Right. Here is my “write up” of the last guest lecture, two guys from Fake I.D. I have copied out my notes exactly.

Fake I.d.

San Fran? James: “international”

language – Data from Star Trek, undermines pretentious “language” title.

Puerto, learns from Data – no contractions.

Gang graffiti – cool, but bored.

“best thing…radio…without earlids, can’t close ears,” – Tony Something

Ridiculous writing sounds, really right brain stuff. WTF.

Al said “lots of type”, maybe this is a lead in?

Novel lecture – leaving open?


“4th wall” crap, ernie Kovacs – credits = great.

Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

Avalanche mag – artists, not critics, p.o.v.

Unknown length – lecture – horror film.

Placas – barrio calligraphy.


WLTF – is “gang” brought to life through mags, pirate radio.

Play radio b.casts.

Then this lame interview transcript + show random, half cropped photos + bits of interview.

LS+N – workshop with Fake ID, whole thing sounded fake.

Noise talk

“please hold” – I get it, but it’s pointless. End up doodling – I am waiting. Being tortured?

Then it’s over. WTF – main guy looks like he is about to cry.

All art directors repeat each other – it’s all “graphic design” + decisions.

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