Monday, 27 April 2009

when illustration and basic mathematics collide: a lament

Typically I work on A4 photoshop canvasses. They're something like 21 by 29 cm. I understand that. I know them.

My major project started on a4 and at some point I made the jump to 12x12 so the pieces would represent 12 inch records.

I changed all the pieces i'd done to 12x12 and all new pieces i started working on were on a 12x12 canvas.

Except instead of 12 by 12 inches I was working in centimetres.

Wasn't I supposed to have stuff like this figured out by primary school? You have failed me education. I will not forget.

The problem now is that alot of the work is quite intricately put together. I can't drag the images to fill a 12 inch canvas because the resolution will be terrible. To be honest alot of the resolution in the photographs I've used is too poor for that anyway. And recreating the images is just too much of a ball ache; they won't come out quite the same and I will fly into a rage everytime I look at the end product.

I fucking knew something was wrong the whole time, goddamnit.

So my only real option is to make the final images 7x7 inches, which is an increase of only 3 inches all round but 3 inches, in this instance, I can be proud of.

Plus 7 inch is, I think, the same size as 78s which was fairly popular in the day (that I am representing with this project), even though 12 was standard. I believe this because I did some research.

Bottom line: I hate maths.

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