Thursday, 9 April 2009

what i did recently was this

had trouble focussing lately, feel like a dick about it, want to sort my life out. Basically saw this film at the start of this project: Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus and it had a couple of quotes in it that stuck out, for me, with regards to the brief I'm working on. One of them was You know you're alive when you're sad and I wanted to make an image about that for my major project, without being all emo and that.
So I made this today:

Oh GOD it looks so emo with that big red heart thing and that little tattoo style swirl. Well shit. The idea was I liked mixing this big ink streak thing and a more rigid graphic shape, I did that a couple times for this project already and I liked the shape of the heart on this. Those little swirls are "traditional" looking bits of decoration you might get on signs and boards and things in the 1930s South of America. So that's not a huge idea really, is it? I am sort of just basically essentially throwing things together at this point to try and make a picture.

[edit: I revised the image to make it marginally less stupid]

Feel free, though not obliged, to enjoy it.

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