Wednesday, 24 December 2008

research: Carl Kleiner

A friend of mine pointed me to this photography blog, him being a film student (thankyou Dave I KNOW YOU READ THIS). There is some awesome stuff on there! Not the typical photography.
Being, typically, an illustrator, I dug hugely this stuff by Carl Kleiner which is not strictly photography really exactly I guess.

I prefer this second image because, I think, of the quality of paper. The guy clearly has an eye for colour. The eye of a killer.

LOOK AT HIS WEBSITE. Mostly it features photography, but that's not a shame since alot of it is cool as hell.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

ain't gonna hang no picture

Screwing around ripping off Rodchenko and Couceiro, in that order.
Want everything to be BOLD! Want to punch a horse to DEATH!

Also: some Christmas advice:
If you can't think of a present for someone just break something they already own and buy them a replacement! I suggest mugs.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

first rough of magazine cover

A friend of mine has just finished or is just finishing a masters in Creative Writing at Man Uni, taught by the illustrious Martin Amis. Ok fine.
She and a few other students are putting together a magazine, Bewilderbliss, to exhibit the writing of the students on the course and she asked me to do the cover.

Here is my mainest one:

I don't think I am breaking any big secrets or anything by posting this.

The idea is each issue will have a theme and the stories inside reflect said them. I was working with the same theme also.
Initially the theme was going to be chosen by Amis but he took goddamn forever and for about two weeks he was personally stopping me doing any work by not chosing it. Sort of cool that Martin Amis was a goddamn obstacle in my life but at the same time I AM COMING FOR YOU AMIS.

Ok, the theme was eventually chosen by M.J. Hyland, another tutor on the course, and the theme is The Guilty.

The idea here is guilt is a mental thing, something centered around your own values and sense of right and wrong.
So you've got that red streak uncomfortably wedged into a brain linking to these little broadhead prison uniform arrows. Guilt is something you do to yourself is what I mean here I guess.
The darker shapes are to hold the image together.

As for the title, the texture in the background - the top is a Manchester skyline from a photo I took. Not too clear, and unrecognisable as Manchester, but what the hell.
Plus the type is yet to find a rightful place on there. Maybe I'll even make it black.

From looking at the covers of the other magazines where this will be on sale I wanted something bold and structured to counter all the minimal hand drawn things on display. But I think this still might sink into the background.

Also I might change it completely because I am that kind of guy.

Friday, 19 December 2008

i know what everyone needs

reserach: Yulia Brodskaya

Look, then, at this. It is by someone called Yulia Brodskaya and I found it on Drawn! as I do anything I ever find that is remotely good because I am a boring fool.

REGARDLESS it is done with strips of paper and it is nice. It makes me want to be nice to people around me which makes you incredibly lucky.

Have a better look at their website.
This stuff is in the illustration section.
Does anyone even know what illustration is?

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Penguin Cover

Hi Roland,
I was thinking last night, that with this Penguin cover, you need to return to the methods you used in the last two projects. You have some ideas that you want to convey; those of isolation, and elitism etc. You have also started to collect and generate elements that might be of use in the image (obviously you need more of these) But the one stage you have missed out is using/sourcing shapes and structures to hold or contain the elements. Start to look through your archive of these and look for new ones also or get into illustrator and create some shapes/compositional devices that might work. Also consider that you might need to include a more human element (hand, head, eye what ever) so that you image doesn't seem too inhuman or abstract.

Look at Alvin Lustig

Also another good blog is Grain Edit

Thursday, 4 December 2008


ok yeah so i found this on DRAWN.CA because it's JUST A GREAT BLOG but this video is pretty great HAVE A LOOK:

All I Want For Christmas Is ... from Paul Rayment on Vimeo.

Normally I hate this kind of character based graffiti style stuff but there're lots of subtle little touches in this video that make it worthwhile.
Such as how his arm stretches when he opens the door and the way the door rolls away and etc etc. Plus it's just pretty funny. Simple idea. Pretty funny. Well animated. Christmas theme.