Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Spanish stuff pt 1

It was obvious what i was going to do with this. AND HERE IT IS.

And here is my first inner. Feels like it's missing something though.

SECOND INNER. Also feels patchy.

I will hopefully sort these out on Wednesday and move on to etc etc


Alun Richards said...

Here I am, posting a comment. Just like the old days when we would communicate by letter: face-to-face, but by letter; lips moving frantically in silence, eyes narrowing, brows creasing.

I really like the front cover for this project, although I haven't put much thought to it, so I probably just mean that I'm totally sold on the professionality of the image. Faint praise?

Roland said...

Randomnly sucking people in is better than nothing!


Alun Richards said...

I've been reading The Broom of the System (David Foster Wallace's first novel) lately, and I was struck by how naff the cover art is. This here stuff of yours is definitely better than that, and that probably goes for loads of crappy 'pro' efforts.

Roland said...

I need to cement something about my work. I quite like the ones I did for this Spanish brief, but they haven't settled for me yet. They feel like a footnote or something.
but all the stuff I've done lately, whilst i like it, looks alot like alot of other stuff I could think of.
SO I DON'T KNOW. Everyone in my class has had some shining moments and we're all getting a bit more consistent in our output, so maybe things are looking positive? Beats me.