Sunday, 30 November 2008

still waiting

Another illustrator from that AOI book I thought was ok is Tom Burns.

[edit: going over this recently it seems like the image links have changed. Rather than fix this i have opted to ignore it. So long, suckers!]

These two images are cool, but I really dislike maybe 70% of his work.

I guess this is all done with photoshop? Maybe some screen printing?
I feel better about it if it is screen printed. However he's done it, piling the textures over each other gives the images this weird quality. I'd like to mess around with something like that, but not sure how to apply it really. Up with printing! PRINTING FOREVER!!

website here. Can you dig it?

research: Jackie Parsons

I was going through the most recent AOI book, found a handful of illustrators I really liked.
ONE of them was Jackie Parsons whose work reminds me of Michelle Thompson and Caroline Tomlinson....but maybe I prefer it to both????

Pretty swell huh? Yeah!
Love the colours and the kind of non specific people. Also all the texture and etc etc. Is it all photoshop filters? Maybe I'll send her a dang e-mail.
Also what is it with me liking primarily female illustrators? It's not a thing I assure you.

her portfolio, it is here.

Friday, 28 November 2008

research: Lesley Halliwell

So Minacha mentioned to me today, in passing, someone called Lesley Halliwell.
So just now I thought I'd casually check her out, not thinking it would be a big deal.
Minacha had mentioned her because I'd used a spirograph in something and said how Lesley Halliwell used them also and JESUS CHRIST.
I feel like I can never use a spirograph again, basically.

Here is another, goddamnit.

I think this all looks really nice, but it evokes a weird sense of dread in me for whatever reason.
Is she actually really famous, or what? Are people keeping big secrets from me?
Should life be easier than it seems????

Also I'm conscious that I'm just posting alot of trash on this blog and I'm going to try and post less, less and less.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

spanish stuff pt 2

This feels almost completely pointless but here are the final pieces for the Ghosts of Spain brief.

the cover

First subsequent image

second whatever whatever

Can't wait until all my critical studies stuff is done.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Spanish stuff pt 1

It was obvious what i was going to do with this. AND HERE IT IS.

And here is my first inner. Feels like it's missing something though.

SECOND INNER. Also feels patchy.

I will hopefully sort these out on Wednesday and move on to etc etc

thing relating to spanish brief

Here I am, at home, messing around on this Spain brief etc etc and I blah blah blah until I something something and realise I've made this:

If only it had anything to do with Catalonia.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

right look here is some done up right stuff for Ghosts of Spain

First idea. Trying, as simply as possible to sum up the article which, I thought, was about how Catalan recognises itself through culture and wants to be seperate from Spain.

Obviously it needs more of structure to it, but in doing that I took a step away from whatever this is going on here and made this:

Ok so. I sort of like this, but I think it also looks dumb as hell. So I shrank it down to this:

And then, with me trying to steal the structure from this old poster it became this:

Do I like it? I don't know.

I think I need to try out more structures and play around but I am also conscious of the other two images I have to do (both of which I've started and sort of have ideas for) and all this critical studies blah blah blah etc etc.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Presumably final for Harvest pieces

I know there have been alot. I don't know exactly why I'm even posting this. It feels tired now in a way.

Definitely feel like I learned alot doing these pieces I guess.

Amy Hempel if you find yourself looking at these please don't hate me for making them all. That goes for you too, Mark Richard. Thanks a million.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

this right here

Here is a note I made to myself on how to change the layout of one of my Strays pictures:

And here is what the image became:

Incidentally I made this with one hand whilst eating a sandwich (which i'd also made myself). Beat that, Michelle Thompson.
(also i might put that match back in, we'll see)

sick of typing the word "harvest"

Went into college today and made a bunch of more or less randomn shapes on illustrator. I am currently throwing them around in photoshop and making more random shapes with photoshop also. So here then are some pictures. The bottom one is my favourite but it feels like a very cheap Christiana Couceiro (because it is). I quite like the first one but the shapes are starting to say more than the car or the girl. I will make some more tonight and then tomorrow come swinging in through the fourth floor windows, printed pictures and USB drives flying everywhere, blast out the most ultimate book and ride off into the sun on a fucking griffin. Oo ra.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

cool thing

Found this on drawn!
It's awesome, but I don't know anything else about it.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Back once again with more stuff for Strays

Did these more than a week ago. It's me going over the pieces for Strays and adding little extras and throwaway things.

I think I prefer this one without all the extras on it, to be honest.

This one works ok though I think.

Happiness of the garden variety

Here are some pieces I did today. Came into college especially since my computer is devolving, or something, and is barely able to save a file inside of five minutes.

These are for another story called Happiness of the Garden Variety about these two guys who accidentally allow a horse, named Buster, to eat these vegetables covered in some kind of toxic spray. The horse dies and they try to dump the body in the sea. It's funny and well written and it's just a great story.

I showed my work in progress to Gary P who very kindly spared some time and gave some instruction. He got me to take out the black horse illustrator shape and to mess around with the blue block at the bottom again. I knew the image needed some kind of horizon to ground it but couldn't make it work with those weird black lines from the top image.
Also Aquamarine is a colour mentioned many times in the story, hence its presence in this image.
That spirograph shape thing is taken (almost directly) from one of these old posters Ian was showing me, trying to get me to get these structures and shapes into my work. AND HERE IT IS.