Friday, 10 October 2008

what i made today in school

For the brief with Kings (maybe?) College in London. The head I made. Inspired by a conversation with someone about Day of the Dead Mexican skulls. Ok I know it doesn't look like one of those in any way but just leave me alone.

Can't tell if I like it or really hate it. I don't know why I uploaded it DON'T HATE ME.
(had to convert it to RGB before it would upload and stay the same goddamn colours on this blog. Sad story, I know.)

Incidentally the Day of the Dead falls on November the 1st and November the 2nd, with the 1st for remembering children and the 2nd adults.

1 comment:

Pete Adlington said...

Holy shit, where on earth did you get an xray machine so you could xray a skull?