Friday, 3 October 2008

Spanish comic that I have

Here's a couple of pages from this Spanish comic I have. It is called Manuel no está solo by someone called rodrigo. That's all I know about it.
The book itself is split into the title story and these other pieces I have no idea about. The Spanish I can speak/read is pretty minimal, but the main story of the book doesn't have any dialog.
As far as I can figure it's about the author falling in love and becoming obsessed with this guy, Manuel.
It's just beautifully drawn and surreal and oddly touching. It's one of my favourite things that I own, probably because of the mystery.
I know it's not exactly design related but I think I can still site it as an influence of sorts.

This is the cover, badly scanned.

A badly scanned page from near the end of the book.

A page from near the first half of the story, scanned badly.

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