Saturday, 4 October 2008

Ideas Have Legs. Ian McMillan vs Andy Martin.

Borrowed this book from college for something to assimilate into my current project. I was looking for the dynamic between the poets work and the illustrators work. Andy Martin gave a talk at college last year and whilst I really liked some of his stuff I hated almost an equal amount.
I liked how the ideas were the central focus of each image and all the illustrations were very streamlined for that. But I didn't always like the clean cutness of the images.
But anyway I really liked alot of the stuff in this book. I've scanned a couple, but it's quite a hard book to scan without damaging it and rather than push it I've opted to scan only a couple of images.

Here now I will type out my favourite poem from the book, probably illegally.

“GOOD AGAINST BAD” by John Good.
Two Brothers. Simon. Lorenzo.

Simon is good. Lorenzo bad.
Lorenzo steals money. Simon says Give it back.
Lorenzo says No.
Simon tells police. Police take Lorenzo.

Lorenzo in prison. Not good to be bad, says Simon.
Pardon? Says Lorenzo. NOT GOOD TO BE BAD. says Simon.
Now I understand says Lorenzo.

The patterns on the end papers are also nice. Here is the front end paper pattern for you to look at if you so desire.

And here is another picture taken from the book which I enjoyed to look at.

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